Key Deliverables Baseline Target Actual Achievement
December 2011 Decmber 2012 Decmber 2012
% Teledensity 68.49% 73.04% N/A
Fixed Lines 0.51% 1.5% N/A
% Population with Internet Access 29% 34.4% N/A
% Access of Rural Population 1.5% 1.65% N/A
Cost of Broadband Access (Per 1Mbps/Annum) $150 $135 N/A
Speed of Broadband (Mb/Sec) 1.0Mbps 1.8Mbps N/A
Number of GSM Users in the Country 90.57M 98.1M N/A
Number of CDMA Users in the Country 4.60M 6.0M N/A
Number of Fixed Wire/Wireless line Users in the Country 719,406 1.5M N/A
Number of Internet Users 43.5M 51.6M N/A
Number of Public Access Venues (PAVs) 2218 3018 N/A
Extent of coverage and ICT Rural Infrastructure 15% 20% N/A